Dose of Colors: Mint For You Collection

Dose of colors mint for you collection

Is this not everyone’s favorite color?! Seriously, Dose of Colors is praying on the weakness – we cannot resist cute packaging! DoC released this fresh Mint For You Collection today, 7.31! The collection comes with two Blushes ($22) in the shades Statemint & Amazement and two Eyedeal Duos ($25) in shades MagicMomint (a sparkling rose gold) & MintToBe (a sparkling aqua mint). The line also includes two new Eyedeal Crayons ($18) in shades Complimint & Hint of Mint and two new Liquid Lipsticks in the shades Excitemint Mintea. You can even get this suuuuuper cute Makeup Bag ($18) by itself or and you can get the whole thing as a Bundle of every product for $166 (which isn’t really much of a steal, you’re paying full price for each item but getting the makeup bag for free so ehhhhh).


How stunning are these blushes?! Amazemint (on the right) is a vibrant peach with a very subtle sheen while Statemint (my literal favorite type of blush, on the left) is a warm soft pink. These are VERY pigmented so a little tap of the brush in the pan is enough for a whole cheek. They are each retailing for $22.


These Eyedeal Duos are kind of taking out breath away! The set is a loose pigment and primer pairing – the primer acts as a sticky agent to lock-in and enhance the loose pigment that you layer on top! This will not only result is hellaaaaa color payoff but will also reduce the risk of powder fall out into your cheeks after application, too. We just LOVE this super unique idea! Magic Moment is a sparkling rose gold that would STUN all over the lid while Mint to Be is perfectly fitting for this collection in a sparkling light minty teal tone. These are retailing for $25 each.

The Eyedeal Crayons don’t get us quite as excited (am I the only one that isn’t into shadow sticks??) but the shades are quite pretty.  Hint of Mint is, also just right for this line, a milky mint shade & Complimint is a true black. These both apply matte and rub smoothly without a tug or pull on the lid. They are retailing for $18.

The Liquid Lipstick packaging is sucking me in with the mint wands – SO CUTE! The shades are speaking to me, too – Excitemint is a bright, milky pink that leans slightly warm/coral and Mintea is a light, dusty nude pink that also leans a bit peachy. These have a velvety feel but a matte finish and LOTS and LOTS of longevity! They retail for $18 and it’s worth it all for those cute tubes, gosh.


Dose of colors mint for you collection 2

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