Beauty Creations: Sweets Collection

Beauty Creations Sweets Collection

My ladies with a sweet tooth better prepare themselves – Beauty Creations is launching their candy-scented Sweets Collection on Thursday, 7.20!

Did you catch that?! Everything smells like candy. Yes. Okay. Good.

Beauty Creations Sweets Collection 3

The Baked Pops highlighter palette is, obviously, all baked shades so they’re a bit marbleized & hella glowy! The packaging is totally giving me flashbacks of Candy Land – remember that game you definitely played when you were little?! I swear the packaging is basically the game board. SO CUTE! There is a super golden shade, a more rose gold shade, a deeper rosey, reddish shade & a pinkish bronze shade. This will retail for only $14.99!

beauty creations the sweetest palette swatches

The Eyeshadow palettes come in the shades Sugar Sweets & The Sweetest Palette. We know you’re already thinking it but they remind us so much of the Too Faced chocolate 🍫 and sweet peach 🍑eyeshadow palettes! I’m not sure how intentional that was, but even the packaging (from the metal tin exterior to the eyeshadow pan shape, sizes & layout) seems to channel the TooFaced look. Not that we’re mad! These are going to retail for ONLY $18.99! The shades are certainly a bit different (Sugar Sweets seems to be a good mix of warm tones, deep shades & shimmers while The Sweetest Palette is a bit cooler and possibly more shimmers? It’s a bit hard to tell). These look to contain the perfect combination of shades for simple to sultry neutral looks – I could see these being awesome everyday palettes! They may not be TooFaced but anytime we can get a product similar to a high end item for a drugstore price, we do NOT complain. Am I right?!


Beauty Creations Sweets Collection 2

3 thoughts on “Beauty Creations: Sweets Collection

  1. I really love makeup 💄 this is really helpful ! Love too faced makeup and love the palettes so this is really useful to take on board!! Xxx


  2. Those palettes look AMAZING! So, so pretty! Thank you for sharing. Xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These look so nicely pigmented!!

    Have a lovely day!
    xx Kris


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