Ace Beaute: Quintessential Eyeshadow Palette

Ace Beaute Quintessential Eyeshadow Palette

We’ve got a NEW brand for you & a new MUST HAVE palette! Ace Beaute is releasing their Quintessential Eyeshadow Palette tomorrow, Friday, 7.07! Its their first eyeshadows EVER (they featured mostly lashes up until now). The palette is currently available for pre-order (they’re going quick, though! as I write this on Thursday @ 8:43 pm EST, there are literally only 20 left) with the official release being on Friday. The palette comes with 16 blindingly stunning shades in a mix of crazy pigmented metallic & matte colors.

Ace Beaute Quintessential Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

I’m not sure if I even need to finish this post… do these shades not just totally speak for themselves?! Kidding, I’ll totally still finish but I hardly know what to say – I’m like, speechless. The assortment of colors is unlike any palette we’ve seen before. The versatility is unmatched! There is a lovely assortment of mattes (I believe 7) and metallic or shimmery shades (the remaining 9) as well as such a perfect blend of warm AND cool tones (mostly warm, though). I can already think of ENDLESS looks this palette could create. The formula was created with the perfect amount of milling & pressing to allow for easy application, smooth blending & intense pigment. Plus, this definitely has some shades you might not have in your collection already like the stunner royal blue, that polished copper or that deep wine eggplant shade! We can’t stop staring. And, to add some icing on the cake, the palette is cruelty free, woooooot! But seriously, click below and get it like NOW cause there are only 16 left!


Ace Beaute Quintessential Eyeshadow Palette Swatches 2

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