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Guys, we are seriously freaking out. CP is about to change the game AGAIN. Colourpop is releasing their new Crushed Crystal Collection on Friday, 7.07 but we don’t even know if we can wait. The collection consists of all NEW priming & setting sprays, liquid highlighters, and lip balms! There are 4 different shades in each (as in, each shade comes in a spray, lip balm & liquid highlighter). There is SO MUCH to tell you about to buckle in and hang tight to your lipgloss.

The Crushed Crystals collection includes:

Aventurine ✨ as I mentioned, this will come in a setting spray, a liquid highlighter AND a lip balm – it’s like a little family! The setting spray is formulated specifically for oily skin & includes coconut water to add tons of hydration (which oily skin still TOTALLY needs!), cucumber water to aid in coming any redness or skin irritation and lemon extract for some vitamin C that your skin will seriously LOVE. It will retail for $6. The highlighter is a warm gold with hellaaaaaa shine and has slight green flecks that pop when your face hits the light just right. This will retail for $9 (a little high for CP, no?). And lastly, the lip balm in Aventurine is a super smooth but kind of crazyyyyy opalescent green with a slight blue shift. These will be $5.

Aquamarine ✨ This setting spray ($6) is made just for dry skin (me!). The red algae extract in it helps improve the healthy supple fullness of your skin while plumping it with hydration while the apple extract adds an extra boost of moisture – plus it smells like grapefruit so YUM! The liquid highlighter ($9) is SUPER BOLD – picture a metallic, frosty blue with a violet undertone. This is a blinding highlight FOR.REAL. The lip balm ($5) also makes a statement with it’s blue tone and violet flip.
Amethyst ✨ Now we have a priming spray – is it just me, or is that kind of a newish thing? I have yet to try one, however I’m sure most setting sprays could be used before makeup too, right?? Anyway, this spray ($6) is made for oily skin, too! It is full of dragonfruit extracts which lend your skin antioxidants it needs to stay strong and also features pomegranate & orange extracts which help soften skin to improve the appearance of wrinkles.  The liquid highlighter ($9) is one of my favs so far – it’s literally purple, guys. It pulls as a bold lavender with some pink reflects but remains very cool toned – it’s dope. The lip balm ($5) is also a lovely but metallic lavender with some blueish violet in it, as well.
#RoseQuartz ✨ Last but absolutely not least is the priming spray ($6) for dry skin. This one has apple extract for that dose of moisture you need before applying makeup as well as grapefruit extract which is packed with antioxidants & vitamins (you skin will thank you later). The highlighter ($9) in this shade made me die – it is STUNNING in every possible sense of the word. It’s a true rose gold with pink sparkle – this one is by far the most wearable and will certainly suit the most skin tones. You are going to be blown away by this one guys. Lastly, the lip balm ($5) is a similar metallic pink & gold duo chrome.

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Now that you know who the fam is, peep these deets:

ALL of these products include ACTUAL CRUSHED CRYSTALS – how luxurious does that sound?! I’ve never really felt that my makeup was missing ground up gems, per say, but now that CP mentions it… this sounds necessary. We haven’t heard much regarding the setting/priming sprays in the way of extending the wear time, so we’ll have to get back to you on that. The lip balms, however, are said to be super lip loving & hella moisturizing – plus they’re super versatile! You can wear them alone OR over lipsticks to add that bomb topper that is all kinds of trendy right now. And, alas, what you are all probably the most excited about – the liquid highlighters. These look truly incredible! They can be mixed with your foundation to add serious glow or can be worn as a traditional highlighter. I know many of us are not into liquid or cream highlighting and contouring but… this might be that product that changes our minds forever.

Each trio (spray, highlighter & balm) will be sold in family bundles for $18 ($20 full price) – not a bad deal if you’re in love with all 3 from one set. Otherwise, feel free to mix & match! Ahhhhh, I can’t even decide what I’m going to pick up – let me know what you guys are thinking – help a girl out!


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