NARS: Power Matte Lip Pigment & Precision Lip Liner

NARS Power Matte Lip Pigment 2


Holy DROP DEAD RED, ahhhhh! NARS is releasing their new collection of Power Matte Lip Pigments & their new Precision Lip Liner on Wednesday, 7.06 on the NARS website! The Matte Liquid Lipsticks will launch in a whopping 20 shades & will retail for $26 each while the lip liners will premiere in 26 (omg) NEW shades, will feature a NEW FORMULA & will be $24. If you want to get your hands on these a day early to ensure your fav shade doesn’t sell out before you get to it, you can download the Sephora app and purchase it there on July 5th! If online shopping isn’t your thing (weird….) then you can wait until July 13th when it will be in Sephora stores.


NARS Power Matte Lip Pigment swatches 2



Now let me ask you this – had the matte liquid lipstick trend kind of run it’s course? It was obviously the hottest beauty product for at least a year or two, but has it all been done by now?! We’re not sure… these colors are making us think twice! Check them out! You already know American Woman Walk This Way are right up my alley and some of these hot reds & pinks like Low Rider, Get Up Stand Up Don’t Stop. 


NARS Precision Lip Liner

Surprisingly, we even have some super deep, vampy shades making an appearance here in the midst of a hot, humid summer! That is BOLD! And we love bold. We also love the sound of this formula – super lightweight feel & full-on pigmented color saturation. I mean, sounds kind of standard I guess, right? The true tell when it comes to matte formulas is so how comfortable they feel on the lips, am I right?! We aren’t sure yet on that front but what we do know is that we  quite like the packaging of these – NARS is always matte black & super sleek. Keepin’ it classy!



NARS Power Matte Lip Pigment

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