Tatcha Beauty: Violet-C Radiance Mask

Tatcha Beauty Violet-C Radiance Mask

Tatcha Beauty released a new skin care product called their Violet-C Radiance Mask Thursday, 6.29! This is an anti-aging mask thats packed with tons of goodies such as Japanese beautyberry, two different types of Vitamin C & various AHAs. We tried to do some research on Japanese beautyberry but there really isn’t much that points towards how useful it is for skincare.. perhaps that is to be determined! Vitamic C and AHAs are obviously super good for your skin, so the wildcard here is really these new berry ingredients. Tatcha claims that the new berry is packed with antioxidants which are supposed to amplify the effect of the Vitamin C and other ingredients. Color us skeptical but for whopping $68 for 50ml of product, it better make my skin perfect! The packaging is so sleek though, we will definitely give them credit for that. They always seem to put out packaging that draws you in. Let us know what you think!


Tatcha Beauty Violet-C Radiance Mask Swatch

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