Stila Cosmetics: Fall 2017 Collection

Stila-Fall-2017-Collection brush.png

This might seem a little early & we don’t really want to think of anything besides summer right now but we aren’t even mad… Stila Cosmetics surprised us all with the announcement of their Fall 2017 Collection launching Wednesday, 6.21! AHHHH, such short notice! This is a prettttyy sizeable collection with some super exciting new products! First, we have the NEW Stay All Day 2-in-1 Foundation & Concealer ($42). It may not be what you’re thinking, though – a foundation that covers & applies like a concealer (kind of like the Milani or Covergirl versions, eh?). NOPE! This is soooooo neat; it’s a foundation bottle with a built-in, concealer ON THE TOP! Whatttttt the heck?! As you can see in the pictures below, the concealer is in the top of the cap, which can be removed to access the foundation. This is launching in a whopping 16 shades! We love that! The formula of the foundation is said to be lightweight with a more natural finish (so likely not super full coverage) with a peachy-toned concealer to cancel out under eye darkness or discoloration. PLUS (as if it couldn’t get better) they feature 12-hour longevity, water-resistance and are also oil-free and fragrance-free. Okay, let’s catch our breath.


The collection also includes the One Step Primer, One Step Illuminate, One Step Correct each for $36. The Primer is a lightweight serum that (obviously) smooths and conditions your skin to prepare it for your makeup application! It’s 50% water which gives it that super light, hydrating, comfortable feel we all live for and is, like the foundation & concealer, oil-free and fragrance-free.

The Illuminate acts to brighten and even your skin tone with a combination of shades mixed in: a champagne pop to highlight the skin, a classic Stila Kitten peachy swirl for brightness and a subtle pale pink twist to add warmth. This sounds soooooo perfect for summertime! Rub this all over under your fav bb cream for a lit-from-within glow that’ll make you look like a glowing beach-going goddess!

Lastly, the Correct (again, obv) neutralizes any of your (few, very few) imperfections. The formula includes a cool multi-tasking helix serum to color correct with all the classics: a green to counteract redness, a peach to cancel out darker spots and lavender to fight against sallow tones and provide some brightness.

All 3 of these can TOTALLY be used as your primary primer step OR you can just as easily layer the Illuminate or Correct serums over the primer for an extra strong foundation base – either way, you’re going to be KILLING IT! Especially if you splurge for the final item in the collection – the #33 brush redesigned in gold. It’s beauutiful but for $32, it might not be a must-have. However, if you’re a Stila girl, can you really pass up a gold brush?! We think not.




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