KKW: Creme Contour & Highlight Kits

KKW Beauty Contour and highlight Kit

Not only is this a new product launch, but a NEW BRAND, too! You probably all saw this coming – Kim Kardashian has taken some inspo from her little sister and started a makeup line (join the club, right?!) Not that Kim is really new to the beauty industry at all (didn’t she like, start the whole super-highlighted under eye thing??), especially given her collab with Kylie. KKW Beauty is releasing a Contour & Highlight Kit on Wednesday, 6.21 @ 9 am PST/12 noon EST! The kits will will come in the shades Light, Medium, Dark and Deep Dark & each kit will contain 4 separate shades to compliment your skin tone. Each will retail for $48. The kit also comes with a d (ual-ended blending brush and sponge (I’m guessing that’s what makes this a “kit”).

KKW Beauty Contour and highlight Kit Swatches

Each of the four shade kits include a variety of cream products to perfectly highlight and contour your face – forehead, cheek bones, nose & all! Each kit contains one matte highlight shade & one shimmer highlight shade (we kind of love that) as well as two contour shades, one slightly darker than the other and one a bit warmer than it’s cool-toned counter part. Now here’s the rub – do you even like cream contouring?? For me, it’s basically heck noooooooooo. And that’s not even because i don’t like how it looks or because there aren’t good products for it out there. It’s literally because it takes WAY TOO LONG to do. Compare rubbing one of these sticks in each of your 18 contour areas (exaggerating? a little) and then having to work EACH SPOT in with your wet sponge and take the extra time to blend and blend…. ugh. I have work in the morning! AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. Well I don’t know, maybe you do?? If so, this is so for you! It’s an all-in-one! But if you’re a ride-or-die powdered bronzer girl or guy, it may be tough to get down with this kit. Let us know which type of bronzing & contouring you prefer!


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