Kat Von D: Lolita Cheek & Eye Blush

Kat Von D Lolita Cheek & Eye Blush.JPG

We know at least half of you perk up when you hear “Lolita,” am I right?! I know. Kat Von D is releasing a new Cheek & Eye Blush in the shade Lolita at Sephora on Thursday, 6.15! It will be available for $19 (it’s the same size as their Metal Crush eyeshadows, for reference)! From what we’ve seen on Trendmood1 and Kat Von D‘s instagram, there’s been a TON of talk of a whole Lolita collection (the CLASSIC Kat Von D shade – think Stila “Kitten” or Nars “Laguna” type classic) which would be amazzzzing! The shade is the ever-popular rusty-red maroon wine type shade that is universally perfect in fall & summer months. And guys, it’s literally the same exact shade as the liquid lipstick so you can totally be extra & match your eyes and lips TO A T if you’re like that – which we are. So, yes. And remember – KVD is ALWAYS cruelty free & this shadow is vegan, too! It sold out super quick during it’s initial launch last week so make sure you grab it ASAP when it drops this week – you seriously don’t want to miss it.


Kat Von D Lolita Cheek & Eye Blush 2

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