The Balm: Nude Beach Palette

The Balm Nude Beach Palette

WARM TONE LOVERS, listen up! We’ve got some summer lovin’ for YOU! Well, The Balm does – they’re launching a continuation of one of the most creative palette designs we’ve seen! Dropping on Friday, 6.09 is the Nude Beach Eyeshadow Palette! This is the third volume of their Nude collection (after Nude Tude Nude Dude)  and it includes 12 TOTALLY NEW shades of various finishes. The shades are Brilliant, Buff, Braniac, Built, Bodacious, Bootylicious, Babe, Bright, Brave, Bold, Breathtaking, and Brazen (we just love a good alliteration, don’t you?!) Peep those swatches – we told you, this is WARM CITY! Aka they are PERFECT summer shades. The palette covers a decent range, too, but we feel like there could be a few more mid to deep tones – with the selection here, you really only have two tones you can use to add true depth & smokiness to your look. But maybe you’re rocking a deep, dark look in the heart of summer at the beach anyway, am I right?! If so, this is the palette for you!



10 thoughts on “The Balm: Nude Beach Palette

  1. Omg 😍I need I love me some warm tones


  2. Kenzie's Beauty Blog

    This looks similar to some of the shades in the Juvias Place warm tones palette! Have you tried that one?


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