PUR Cosmetics: Diaries Collection

PUR Cosmetics Diaries Collection

You had me at the marble packaging. Enough said. But we’ll say more anyway – PUR Cosmetics released a NEW super exciting collection – the Diaries Collection – today, 6.08! The collection includes the Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette, Contour Diaries Palette, On Point Eyeliner Pencil, and On Point Liquid Eyeliner.

The Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette ($34) comes with 12 shades in total! Each row is  divided into finishes: we have 4 matte shades (Private Party, Socialite, Gala, Mogul), 4 satin shades (Splurge, Stunner, Snazzy, Epic) and finally 4 shimmer shades (Glitzy, Twinkle, Dazzle, Cosmo). It’s almost Lorac Pro-esque in that each row is finish-family, but PUR kicked it up a notch by adding a satin selection! The only slight bummer in the palette is that ALL of the matte shades are super light, creamy shades. Nothing here for deepening the crease or darkening your outer corner. One may argue the satins can be used for that (I would TOTALLY do that, I have no problem with a little luminescence in my crease), in which case you have that slightly darker rust red and that incredible eggplant purple! The shimmers here are never-fail pops of glow on the lid – all 4 of those are POPPIN’!

PUR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Swatches

The second piece of this puzzle trio is the Contour Diaries Palette ($32) also know as their Ultra Matte Contour Kit (we like the sound of that!)  It comes with 6 versatile shades in Charm, Secret, Dream, Passion, Flirt, and Mystery. As most contour kits aim to, this array will suite basically EVERY skin tone! You may be thinking “Well, I’m a bit too pale for some of these shade. Do I really need a palette that I can’t even use each shade in?!” The answer is uhhh, YEAH! Why, you ask??Because now that it’s summer, your skin tone is going to fluctuate for months! You may be fair now, but you may deepen up from being kissed by the sun during that trip to the zoo, then it may fade during the week and then before you know it, it’s beach vacation and you’re darker than ever! With this puppy, you can take one palette with you no matter what stage your tan is at.


Lastly, the collection also includes their On Point Liquid Eyeliner ($19) and Eyeliner Pencil ($19). These come in black, brown, a deep army green, a slate gray and a plum purple! We don’t know about you, but we LOVE pops of color on the lower lash line to compliment our new tan & emerging freckles in the summer months! These are ESSENTIAL for that! You could also totally use the pencils as an eyeshadow base to intensify any powder products you lay on top – have we mentioned how much we love versatility?! And PUR?! Well, now we have. Which of these are you dying to try?!


PUR Cosmetics Diaries Collection 2

5 thoughts on “PUR Cosmetics: Diaries Collection

  1. I’ve never heard of this brand! Looks like a dream!

    Stop by sometime!

    Mena from noirerewritten.com

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  2. Love the colours in this! x

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  3. Kenzie's Beauty Blog

    I’ve also used contour shades that are too dark for me as eyeshadows!! It helps me feel like I’m using my palettes to the best of their ability!

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