Tarte Cosmetics: Tight & Bright Clay Multi-Mask


We know everyone is falling for the new Tarte launches – if you’re one of those, hold on to your hat for the new release TODAY! Tarte Cosmetics is continuing to push further into skin care with the release of their Tight & Bright Clay Multi-Mask that dropped earlier today! As we previously posted, they also recently released their Radiance Drops (we’re still so excited about those) – can you tell Tarte knows what or skin is going to need this summer?! Protection & moisture, right??

The mask comes with two chambers (makes it sound so scientific or something) – one with a Purifying & Detoxing Mask & another with their Hydrating & Firming Mask. What an incredible one-two combo to make your pores happy & your skin firm and fit! The first mask is best used for deep cleaning & polishing while the second concoction is perfect to add TONS of moisture for bright, tight skin with visibly reduced pores! All with the help of Tarte’s signature Amazonian Clay! Mostly, we can’t get over the aesthetic. The lid is definitely channeling a purple crystal gemstone which will so dope sitting out on your bathroom counter or vanity! And it gets even better once you look inside – that gold is blinding! Plus the creamy pink looks so smooth and buttery! I know I just mentioned butter but don’t worry – these are totally vegan! The whole combo will be $40 and is available NOW!





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