Tarte Cosmetics: Radiance Drops

Tarte Cosmetics Radiance Drops

It’s all about unicorns & mermaids & every other fantasy creature right now, am I right?! The inspo here comes as no surprise, but the product is TOTALLY unexpected & unprecedented! We are soooooo STOKED! Tarte Cosmetics is releasing a new product in their skincare line called the Radiance Drops on Thursday, 6.01! This new four-in-one illuminating serum elixir is the solution to all of your skin care/lip care problems! Kinda like magic, ehhh? The drops are formulated with Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea complex PLUS all kinds of other skin-loving stuff: Algae Marine flower extracts, Jojoba oil, Maracuja oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E to hydrate & micro-glistening pearls, too!

Check out the many ways this new hot product can be used to perk up your face’s natural glow!

  1. First & possibly the most exciting use is as a highlighting primer/moisturizer combo to give you a luminous makeup base! It comes in a dropper bottle which can simply be held up and dripped onto your checks & then massaged in to provide hydration & a glow! Woah! The formula is lightweight & not even slightly greasy, so it won’t feel heavy under your foundation. It even includes anti-aging properties (which, at any age, we can totally appreciate!)
  2. If you’re not much for a layer under your makeup, try mixing this in with your foundation! It can sheer it out of you’re looking for a lighter coverage or feel and will also add that hint of luminosity that is simply stunning in the summertime!
  3. This can also be used as a hair oil on your ends to smooth & provide a healthy shine to potentially brittle or dry strands! It’ll not only make your hair feel wayyyyyyy more soft, but will also make it appear way more alive than it might actually be (you know who you are, when was your last trim??)
  4. Here’s what might shock you: you can even use this on your lips! Whaaaaaat?! The drops totally work as a lip oil, bringing hydration & shine back to cracked or dry lips. How cool is that?!

This is literally the most versatile bottle of mermaid magic we’ve ever seen (which totally warrants the $39 price tag it carries). Is this the next crazy concoction you just HAVE to try?!


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