Clionadh Cosmetics: Paleo Palette

Clinoadh Cosmetics Paleo Palette 2

We love being in suspense and Clionadh totally knows our weakness – they have been teasing us with this for weeks! But we FINALLY have all of the info and we’re telling you first! Clionadh will drop their Paleo Eyeshadow Palette on May 31st! You can already tell from the packaging that you’re going to love this, am I right?!

In case you don’t know, the word “paleo” means “older or ancient, especially related to the geological past.” In other words, it’s all about the more primitive, more natural way of things – and that’s exactly where the inspiration for this palette came from! They were channeling a cataclysmic event, where a meteor storm & an ice age collided – like woah, right?! That’s some deep thoughts, for real. Hence why the packaging is an incredible synthesis of bright reds & oranges with the cooler blues & teals. We can’t get enough.

Paleo Palette Swatches.JPG

Before you get tooooooo attached to the packaging, keep in mind that the image shown above is of their test-run palette so the cover font will be different – but the shades will also be just as AMAZING! I mean, look at these. Even the shade names reflect the archaeic theme; Pangea, Epoch, Molten?! SO COOL! We have one row of all cool tones & another row of warmer options – brilliant. A palette that will appeal to everyone! It appears as though most shades in the palette have some level of shimmer or shine with just a few mattes thrown in the mix for fun. Two more shades are still to be released! Ahhhhhh, the suspense! Check back here soon for updated pictures & info – stay tuned!


Clinoadh Cosmetics Paleo Palette

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