LA Splash: Wickedly Divine Metallic Liquid Lipstick Vol. 2 | Swatches + Coupon

LA Splash Wickedly Divine Vol 2


You already know how we feel about this brand, their lippies & their packaging (ahhhhh!) so you KNOW we are already sold on these beauties (and you know will be, too!) LA Splash just released their Wickedly Divine Metallic Liquid Lipstick Vol. 2 today, 5.19! We actually covered the initial release of their new Wickedly Divine Liquid Lipstick formula when it was launched as part of their Angels & Demons release & then their super exciting follow up Madam M collection (both of which are still out & on their website NOW!) This new volume has five crazy cool new shades in Conjure, Envy, Runic, Wrath, & Incantation. These are the first METALLIC matte shades in their new formula (yes, we said metallic AND matte!) and we are super excited for you all to get your hands on it!


LA Splash Wickedly Divine Metallic Liquid Lipstick Vol 2 Swatches Coupon code


Wrath is that deep, blood red that never goes out of style – the metallic shift is almost a cool, purple which creates an insanely bold, stunning look. Speaking of bold – Incantation embodies that term. This deep, violet shades pulls blue in some lights and will say plenty without you having to speak a word. Conjure is a true ocean blue that appears to have hints of a lighter teal laced throughout it – mix this one with Incantation and something magical could happen. We know you’ve all been green with Envy before when your fav YouTuber received the newest palette you’ve been dying over for FREE in PR (ugh) – this is those feelings in a lippie. It’s a true grass green with yellow undertones – this is definitely your new festival lip shade, for sure.  And, of course, we saved the best for last; Runic may take the cake for most unique shade of all time! This is not only metallic but almost holographic, too! It appears a sea-foam green at first but has shifts of a subtle, gorgeous grayish purple – sounds crazy, right?! This is one we’ve GOT to try!


LA Splash Wickedly Divine Swatches.png

L.A. Splash has been raving about how silky, soft & smooth this new formula is – and we believe it! Plus the pigmentation is soooooo real & they swatch amazingly! Don’t forget, you also love L.A. Splash and these new shades because they’re Cruelty Free, Paragon Free, super long wearing & a comfortable, buildable formula. What’s not to love, am I right?!

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LA Splash Wickedly Divine

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