e.l.f. Cosmetics Natural Glow Lotion

More surprises, guys! Heck yeahhhhh! e.l.f. Cosmetics dropped their new Natural Glow Lotion yesterday! Weird, cause yesterday we posted about their HUGE new skin care coming June 1st – perhaps this is a little something to hold us over in the meantime?? We’ll take it!

Obv, this is all about luminosity & that underlying glow we alllllllll long for! The formula is super lightweight, of course, so it’s perfect for everyday wear, especially under makeup! It will offer a heaping dose of hydration & instant natural-looking highlight! The secret’s in the micro shimmering pearls that settle in to the skin just right for that healthy skin look AND feel! Plus, with the incredible ingredients in here (Aloe and Vitamin E to soothe and smooth & Grape & Orange antioxidants for skin protection and nourishment) your skin is going to LOVE you for this! And knowing e.l.f., you know this isn’t going to set you back much at all – it’s only $8! Your wallet wins & your skin wins – win, win, win!


e.l.f. Cosmetics Natural Glow Lotion Swatch

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