Colourpop X IluvSarahii: Pressed Powder Palette & Liquid Lipsticks

Colourpop X IluvSarahii Pressed Powder Palette

We can’t deny it – we LOVE collabs! We have been anticipating this one for WEEKS now & are sooooooo excited to announce that Colourpop is releasing what is possibly one of the most exciting collabs of the summer with ILuvSarahii on Wednesday, 5.24! The collection will include two Pressed Powder Palettes in shade combos Saucey Chic-y & three new Liquid Lipstick shades Mamacita, Curvii, and 951 – let’s get into this.

Colourpop X IluvSarahii Pressed Powder Palette

The packaging of these palettes is where we HAVE to start – those sleeves though! We love them not only for the gorgeous design, but also because they’ll protect the palette itself! We love that! The color combos in each of these palette is AH-MAZING! Saucy is a cool toned mix of pinks & peaches with some really incredible mattes. The palette will feature Heavy Gleam (Metallic), Razy (Matte), Chic Happens (Matte) & Lit (Metallic). Razy is that perfect brownish mauve that we would totally load up all over the crease for a super soft, blow out effect. The Chic-y palette contains slightly more wearable, neutral tones that we are totally falling for. There’s Vivacious (Metallic), Distressed (Matte), Freckles (Matte) & Noche (Matte). Mmm, we know all you matte lovers are drooling now knowing this set is mostly those – how perfect! This is a palette made for every skin ton & every eye color.

Colourpop X IluvSarahii Liquid Lipsticks

Lippies are always the highlight of CP collections – these are no exception! Each shade comes in a different formula & includes as matching Lippie Pencil! We have Curvii in the Ultra Glossy formula ($6)951 in the Ultra Satin Formula ($6) and Mamacita in the Ultra Matte formula ($6)! These are literally blowing our minds they’re THAT stunning: Mamacita is a suuuuuuper deep burgundy wine shade. This may not scream SUMMER at the top of its lungs, but we can get down with vampy lips any time of year. Plus, we love that they chose this to be the matte shade – there’s something about a crazy deep, matte shade that we can’t resist. 951 is the mid-toned, pinkish mauve nude. This one is your wear everyday, everywhere lip, for real. And you already know Ultra Satin is my jammmmmmm so I’m all over this one like Jefree Star is on his hunky man candy. Lastly, we have the Ultra Glossy lip in Curvii that literally everyone will adore! This peachy nude goes flawlessly with nearly any lip! The formula of these is so pigmented that you could even wear it on it’s own! Imagine it toped of 951 – I see my new fav lip combo coming up!

If the above swatches aren’t enough or if you’re just dying to see more of this awesome collab, Sarahii did a full swatch and overview video on her YouTube channel – check it out below!


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