BH Cosmetics: Club Tropicana Eyeshadow Palette

BH Cosmetics Club Tropicana Eyeshadow Palette

No, we’re not talking about orange juice, ladies. We’ve got something WAYYYY better for you! BH Cosmetics is releasing a NEW limited edition eyeshadow palette in Club Tropicana on Wednesday, 5.31! This color combination has #Summer2017 coursing through it’s veins. It’s so fun! The array includes 28 new foil shades for – get this – only $12.50! Could BH Cosmetics be any better to us?!

Yes, it is an all shimmer palette so you will likely need to incorporate another palette or a few single shades in order to build a full look with these, but we don’t even mind that with something of this magnitude. The color payoff is REAL and each shade is so special – no two are alike! If you don’t have much color in your collection (let’s be honest, we know you’re over there hoarding at least like, 9 neutral palettes), this is looking for a forever home with YOU! Just supplementing your stash with ONE colorful palette like this is sufficient – keep it on hand for a fun festival look, a crazy halloween tutorial or just that super fun pop of color on the lower lash line during summer! You can’t go wrong! Plus, glitter is always a girls best friend.


BH Cosmetics Club Tropicana Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

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