Zoeva Cosmetics: Basic Moment Collection

Zoeva Cosmetics Basic Moment Collection 2

Zoeva Cosmetics is following up their beautiful Sweet Glamour Eyeshadow Palette with another super exciting launch! The new Basic Moment Collection drops on Monday, 5.15, but its beauty & versatility is anything other than basic! The collection includes an eyeshadow and a blush palette! (Don’t you just love when things come in palette form?? I do!) Both items in the new line feature classic shades that will forever be timeless & valuable to you! The shades range from neutral to golden and mesh so flawlessly together! You CANNOT go wrong with either of these!

Zoeva Cosmetics Basic Moment Collection

The eyeshadow palette comes with 10 shades: Make It Last, Yet to Come, Here to Stay, Liquid Clock, Never Ending, Unfinished, New Era, Waiting, Ever, and Nostalgic. I don’t think there’s a beauty geek out there that wouldn’t fall for this palette –  it is so elegant & stunning. This palette ALMOST has it all; creamy, bone shades to use as your base, mid-toned matte shades to lay down in your transition area & shimmery lid shades to bring brightness to your look! The only thing that seems to be lacking here is some slightly deeper shade to add some depth – your basically forced into a very subtle, soft eye look with this palette. However, perhaps muted shades are what your collection is lacking, in which case, this is perfect! However, you’d definitely need to use another palette or shadow in order to create a true, smokey look. It will likely retail for $26.50 as their other 10-pan palettes do!

The blush palette comes with three shades: Yet to Come, Liquid Clock, and Unfinished. As you can tell there’s overlap in the names but the shades are totally different! This is clearly another very subtle palette, as well. Even for fair skin tones, these may appear more as a wash of color than a pigmented powder (I’m not even sure what the function of the yellow is… I have never been much inclined to splash yellow on my cheeks?) However, it is unlike deep skin tones would have any luck using this at all. Maybe they’ll release more shades in this one day?! We can hope!


Zoeva Cosmetics Basic Moment Collection 4




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