Anastasia Beverly Hills: New Single Eye Shadows

Anastasia Beverly Hills New Single Eyeshadows.JPG

ABH was first known for their brow products but now, years later, all I can think of when I think Anastasia is EYESHADOW! This brand does shadow like no other – with that being said, we are like, soooooooo stoked for this launch. On ABH’s website on Tuesday, 5.16, they are releasing their Summer Collection, which includes 12 NEW Single Eyeshadow shades (these shades will only be available through their online retailers such as Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s Dillards on 6.13 and will later arrive in stores on 6.23)! Here’s an overview of these beauties in the photo above:

  • Top row left-to-right: Golden Copper, Realgar*, Rose Gold, Brick, and Vermeer*.
  • Middle: Tigers Eye, Enchanted, Gemstone, and Sunset
  • Bottom: Ballet, Venice, and Love Letter*

Now check this out: some of the shades that are now being released as single shades were originally in their Modern Renaissance palette (we’ve marked those shades with a *). This is BRILLIANT, don’t you think?! This is great for those that may have only been interested in certain shades in the MR palette but didn’t necessarily want to commit to the full palette & is also PERFECT for those that hit pan on certain shades in the palette and are looking to repurchase that specific shade rather than having to buy an entire second palette!


The Modern Renaissance palette is likely the most beloved palette of all time – we bet most of you have at least heard of it if not actually own it (I have it and literally cannot ever put it down… like I sleep with it under my pillow…. hehe, jokes) so we’ve added our girl @Kathleen Light’s tutorial/review of the Modern Renaissance palette below so you can get her opinions on some of these ABH eyeshadows and see how they perform (hint: you’ll fall in love)! ABH shadows are literally the best eyeshadows out there on the market – money can’t buy you more pigmentation or creamier powders. They do have quite a bit of kick-up but that’s only because they’re so incredibly finely milled. This collection has INCREDIBLE selection! The sparkly Gemstone shade is so unique, right?! And Venice would be sooooooo pretty under the lash line on some bronzey skin! If you haven’t tried ABH shadows, this is your chance!


Anastasia Beverly Hills New Single Eyeshadows 2

10 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills: New Single Eye Shadows

  1. The colors are so vibrant and ready for summer. Love ABH 🙂

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  2. My god they’re pigmented! 🤤😍

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  3. Great post! Really helpful !

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