NARS: Liquid Blush

NARS Liquid Blushes

Ahhhh, we get so excited when our fav brands release totally NEW product lines! GO, GO, let the new products flowwwwwww! NARS is releasing four shades of their brand new Liquid Blush on Friday, 5.12! Before you read any further, just guess what one of them HAS TO be named?! You get like, 2 seconds…….. Yep, it’s Orgasm. Of course. Could it even be a Nars blush release if there wasn’t an organsm?! No chance. The other three shades are Luster, Torrid and Dolce Vita.

This shade range is to die for – we have everything from the baby pink of Orgasm to the warm peaches of Torrid & Luster through to the deeper, rose pink of Dolce Vita! Plus, because they’re a liquid blush, they’ll maintain a slightly dewy finish on the skin. This will look soooooo lovely & extremely natural AND will be just perfect for the warmer months approaching as liquid products inherently maintain their longevity on the skin well past that of powder products. You can even apply these with a damp sponge to allow for optimal blending!

NARS Liquid Blush

The packaging is chic, frosted & luxurious, just as we would expect from this brand and each blush will be $30 but other than that, we don’t have much info! Nars hasn’t even shared these on their instagram yet! You’re getting a first look here, lucky ducks!


NARS Liquid Blushes Swatches.JPG


5 thoughts on “NARS: Liquid Blush

  1. These look so pretty!

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  2. Wow they look amazing! Need to get my hands on some 😍


  3. These look so stunning 😍😍


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