Sigma Beauty: Ultimate Copper Eye Brush Set

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No no, don’t worry, you’re not having deja vu – we DID literally just announce a Sigma brush launch about a week or two ago. But they’re at it again – you know how they do! Sigma Beauty is releasing a new group of their top-of-the-line brushes in their Ultimate Copper Eye Brush Set! But besides the name of the collection & the very apparent BEAUTY of these babies, everything else is a bit confusing – @Sigma’s Instagram states that these are being released tomorrow, Monday 5.08, however, you know we did our due diligence & checked their website & it looks like this set is available RIGHT NOW! If you’re into these (how could you not be??), you may want to grab them now before everyone else discovers the secret that we just let you in on (you’re welcome, btw).

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This set is basically the full, glorious package – it has got you covered starting with a pointed pencil brush (totally necessary for detailed work & lower lash line shading), a few fluffy blending brushes (you can NEVER have too many of these), some short shader brushes, some fuller, more fluffy shader brushes, an angled brush for liner & a pointed brush for liner (you need options, right?). Just remember: Sigma brushes are some of the best you can get, so we aren’t too surprised with the $152 price tag. That comes down to less than $12 a brush which is TOTALLY worth it. Plus, each feature Sigma’s exclusive SigmaTech synthetic fibers & copper-plated SigmaAlloy ferrules to bring you the strongest, longest-lasting brushes. You know Sigma stands behind their quality because they offer a 2-year warranty on their brush sets – what other brand gives you that?! We’ve covered their other brush releases recently like the Titanium and the Bunny Eye Brush sets, too! Those sets may be just as gorgeous a this one, so I totally suggest you peep at those while you’re perusing!


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