Morphe: Prep & Set Spray

Morphe Prep and Setting Spray

As makeup crazy as I am (like, I really really am), I still consider myself fairly low maitenance in most regards – I can do without liner most days (mascara is enough for me) and I can take or leave false lashes. What I CANNOT do, however, is go without setting my makeup. I literally can’t – I can’t even tell you how many bottles of setting sprays I’ve spritzed on my face over the years. So, as you can probably imagine, my ears perk up when I hear of a new setting spray launch. You, too?! In that case, your ears better get perky because Morphe is releasing their new Prep & Set Spray on Tuesday, 5.09! @Trendmood1 got to give this new sleek spray a test run and here’s her take…

“Just tried it with no makeup, was very curious to feel the mist…it’s pretty misty 😬💦 it has a very soft scent, contains: water, glycerin (more about the ingredients in the next picture, swipe to the left!), if I tap my hand on my face, it feels a little bit sticky, which means it will keep the makeup in place for a few hours …I personally wouldn’t use it just as a refresher and hydrating setting spray. I feel like it’s perfect to just set your makeup. This is only my first impression… literally just got it!”

… this sounds awesome already!

Morphe Prep and Setting Spray 2

We all use setting sprays for different reasons – some for alleviating the powdery look, some to help with oil control, some to moisturize & some just for the refreshing burst it provides – but we ALL love when a setting spray extends the wear of our face makeup! Who doesn’t want that freshly-applied look just a littttttttttle bit longer?! It sounds like this will totally be that! If it really does provide a slightly tacky finish, it might be even better as a priming spray! Using it as your base AND your finishing spray will literally put that foundation on lock down. Plus, the packaging is super simple & sleek, as to be expected from Morphe. One of Morphe’s fav influencers also gave this a go-  the beaautiful @Jaclyn Hill also used it in one of her recent looks – check out the video below!



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