BeBella Cosmetics 60 New Single Eyeshadow Shades

BeBella Cosmetics is releasing the motherland of all single shadow releases- no joke. On Monday 5.08, we are getting 60 BRAND NEW Single Eyeshadow shades! Like, whaaaaat?! 60?! This is B-A-N-A-N-A-S. We literally can’t… No but actually, we can’t possibly list all those shade names! Or even feature all of the swatches! You’d need like 20 arms side by side! (We’ll live a little up the imagination, ya know?) We’re told the pigmentation on this is unreal so we are STOKED! We’ve only heard of a few shade names, but they just sound about as awesome as these colors do. I mean, do you see that shimmery, light green and this gorgeous, plumy mauve shades?!

If you’re new to the eyeshadow city (WELCOME!), this might be PERFECT for you – pick up a few shades (maybe 6 – 8) and start playing around! With a selection of 60 colors, you’ll have endless options! There are probably shades in this launch that we haven’t even imagined before, seriously. Single eyeshadows are the best way to create a palette full of shades that you KNOW you love & will actually use (rather than a palette with a pre-set selection that includes a few duds you’re just not into). Let us know if you end up giving these a go!


BeBella Cosmetics 60 New Single Eyeshadow Shades 2

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