Devinah Cosmetics: Natural Sunkiss Bronzers

Devinah Cosmetics Natural Sunkiss Bronzers.JPG

True or true: we haven’t seen many bronzer releases lately?! We got soooooo excited when we heard that Devinah Cosmetics is releasing their brand new Natural Sunkiss Bronzers line tomorrow, Friday, 5.05 @ 12 am PST/3 am EST! Note, that AM ladies! Like as in, you’ll probably order these from bed. The collection boasts six new shades in Keone, Misa, Taran, Masago, Havilah, and Sandbar. 

Devinah Cosmetics Natural Sunkiss Bronzers Swatches 2

The theme of the collection is sand – you may not have been able to tell, but each shade name is the word “sand” in a different language. How adorable is that?! As you can tell from these lovely swatches, these bronzers cover an incredible range of shades! And they’re all MATTE! No matter your skin tone, there is a shade here for you. Each will retail for $20. Which shade would work best for you??


Devinah Cosmetics Natural Sunkiss Bronzers Swatches

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