Juvia's Place: Saharan Blush Palettes Vol 1 & 2

Juvias Place Saharan Blush Palettes Vol 1


Prepare yourself for the next INCREDIBLE launch from on of our favs – Juvia’s Place is causing another social media stir with the upcoming release of TWO brand NEW launches – these are not just new shades; these are products they’ve never done before! Check out these highly anticipated Saharan Blush Palettes Vol 1 & 2! These will be available Wednesday, 5.05! The above picture is of Vol 1 which includes six blushes (Zara, Neo, Lila, Zane, Toby, and Aby.) and is geared towards deeper, darker skin tones. How amazing is that?! It isn’t everyday that we see a palette that is so perfectly coordinated & as functionally wearable for even the deepest of skin tones! However, with a light hand, I’m sure most of these would certainly apply fabulously on lighter skin, too! 

The second palette – Vol 2 – is below & includes the shades Yara, Sola, Tau, Bee, Zoba, and Leena. As you may have guessed, this one is formulated for us more fair skin sisters & it is just PERFECTION! Yara might even work as bronzer depending on your undertone, while Bee is literally just so ME! Each palette seems to contain at least some shimmery shade while the rest are creamy & matte. If you’ve tried Juvia’s Place before, there is one thing you’ll know for sure about these right away – pigmentation, pigmentation, PIGMENTATION! We don’t have swatches yet, but once we do, we’ll prove it. Julia’s powder products are seriously some of the most opaque on the market! For real. Plus, think about this – both of these palettes are very multi-purpose because they can totally be used as a blush, contour/bronzer and even/especially as eye shadow! With that in mind, either palette would be BEAUTIFUL no matter your skin tone! How perf!



Juvias Place Saharan Blush Palettes Vol 2

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