Kylie Cosmetics: KKW Creme Liquid Lipstick

Kylie Cosmetics KKW Liquid Lipstick

CALLING ALL NUDE LIP LOVERS – this one’s for you (and by you, we mean literally ALL of you because who doesn’t adore a great nude?!). Kylie Cosmetics has revealed their NEW collab with her big sis, Kim Kardashian West on Tuesday, 4.25 @ 3 pm PST/6 pm EST. The collection will include an incredible 4-piece assortment of Creme Liquid Lipsticks, all clearly reminiscent of Kim K’s signature concealer-nude lip look. They’re super creamy & quite opaque but won’t set on your lips so they’re far from kiss-proof. Stinks, we know, but we think it beats that Sahara Desert-like dry crust the matte liquid lipsticks can cause! Yuck.

The shade names are also just SO Kim: there’s Kimmie, Kiki, Kimberly & Kim. Needless to say, the Kardashian & Jenner girls never fail to find a way to ensure their names are splattered & splashed across everything they touch. But we digress. Truly, the shades look incredible! Kimberly is a medium orangey-nude, Kim also pulls to the peach side but falls a bit closer to coral, Kimmie is a muted rose shade & Kiki is, in my opinion, that true, perfect nude – it leans a bit to the softer pink side while remaining fairly pale. Yes. YES to all of it.

Kylie Cosmetics KKW Liquid Lipstick 2

You’re probably thinking “Well, I do kind of definitely have a million nudes already in my collection,” in which case, you’d be right. But can you really ever have enough nude shades?? It’s not like they’ll ever go out of style. It’s not like you’ll ever NOT love  a good nude, you know? Basically, we totally support your decision to have an absurd number of similarly nude shades. But at $45 dollars for the set, you’ll have to decide if these are the ones you really don’t need but must have anyway. The packaging might be adorable enough to make up your mind, huh?? Let us know what you think! Have you had good experiences with Kylie Cosmetics so far?!


Kylie Cosmetics KKW Liquid Lipstick 3

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