Bite Beauty: 28 New Lip Pencil Shades at Sephora

Bite beauty sephora new lip pencil shades

Every amazzzzing liquid lipstick is only as good as it’s underlying lip pencil, am I right?? They totally change the game – and the longevity! – of any product layered on top. With that, welcome your new fav lip base – Bite Beauty is dropping a whopping 28 NEW Lip Pencil shades just for summer at Sephora this this week! Bite has released 22 shades of their lip products before & so far, they’re a HIT! The Sephora reviews will confirm everything that’s lovely about these: formula is super creamy but not to the point where it seems to slip & slide across your lips – just enough to glide on flawlessly & feel hellaaaa comfortable & soft. Their secret? Whipped shea butter! We know you’ve never had a lippie pencil that feels like this before. Shea butter is your lips long-lost best friend – they’ll literally drink this up. And I mean, the pigmentation CANNOT be denied (the swatches below can totally back me up!) Plus, the wear-time of these will knock your socks off – but keep your lipsticks on.

Bite beauty sephora new lip pencil shades 2

Many of these shades are bold with a capital B – those fushias & orangey reds speak for themselves. But you low-key ladies out there, never fear. There are at least 4-5 more muted shades that will pair perfectly with your simple nudes or subtle pinks! There’s something for errrrrybody here! Obviously, 28 new shades means a TON of swatches! For you, we’ve got that bomb photo below plus a swatch and review video by @Allana Davison so you can see for yourself how others feel about the original formula.


Bite beauty sephora new lip pencil shades swatches

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