Melt Cosmetics: Digital Dust Highlighters

Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Highlighter Gold Ore

Yes yessssss, another highlight! WE KNOW! But you’ve got to hear about this especially because Melt Cosmetics is releasing not one or even two but THREE shades of their new Digital Dust Highlighters on Thursday, 4.27! (( P.s. we just hooked you up – Melt would have made you sign up for their newsletter to find out what the release date is but now, you don’t even have to! Cause MakeupFOMO has gottttt youuuuuu. Just totally saved you a few promo emails per week & like, 4 minutes of your time. You’re so welcome )) But anyway, back to these glowing beauties.

Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Highlighters 2

There are three shades Stargazer, Gold Ore, and Nova (left-to-right in the picture above). These are formulated to catch & reflect the light in the most not-so-subtle way. If you’re trying to catch the attention of your co-workers all the way across the office – or a cutie across the club – these are your new wing men? women? Hmmmm… either way, they’re PERF! And the imprinting of the brand’s name in various fonts on the product itself – LOVE! Those are the little touches we live for.

However, not every shade will necessarily suite every skin tone. Nova would be a bit too harsh for me to pull off – but that’s the beauty of this launch! Melt took every gorgeous skin tone into account and created a glow for each of us. So sweet! You can even tell from the pictures of the beauuutiful ladies below, there’s something here for everyone. Get to glowin’!


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