LA Splash: Dauntless Lashes Triple Threat Mascara

LA Splash Dauntless Lashes 2

LA Splash is headed into new, uncharted territory tomorrow, 4.19 with the release of their Dauntless Lashes Triple Threat Mascara! LA Splash is brand new to the mascara game – this is their very first one! Ahhh! With so many hits coming from this brand already this year so far (from the UD Brow to the UD Foundation) we can’t help but think everything they touch turns to gold! Basically, this mascara is bound to be bomb.

It wouldn’t be LA Splash if they just launched your typical black or brown mascara – that’s crazy talk. The new product will launch in a bunch of super fun, BOLD & bright shades, like fushia, sea foam green, purple & blue, to name a few. But don’t worry – there’s obviously still a black for you basics out there.

Snatch these up ASAP – you NEED them for all of the summer festivals we knowwww you’re gearing up for! These have Coachella vibes allllll over them!

And, as always, you can use our coupon code MAKEUPFOMO to get 25% off your order! And LA Splash ALWAYS offers free shipping in the US – you can’t beat these deals!

2 thoughts on “LA Splash: Dauntless Lashes Triple Threat Mascara

  1. Did you try the samples to know the quality?


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