Sola Look: Dirty Dancing Palette

Sola Look Dirty Dancing Palette 2

I guess movie-themed launches are the thing this April, huh?! First the Pirates of the Caribbean launch from Lorac & now this?! Sola Look will drop their Dirty Dancing Palette on Saturday, 4.22As if we were already excited enough for the weekend! And we know that packaging has already got you feeling some type of way. This is the first time we’ve covered one of Sola’s releases and we TOTALLY wish we had noticed them earlier! They create eyeshadows, lipsticks, and various other products inspired by classic movies. If you happen to adore this one, you’ll get a kick out of these product names. The eyeshadows in this palette include Cha Cha (satin matte), I Carried A Watermelon (satin matte w/sparkle), Back To The Playpen (pearl), and Johnny Castle (matte). It also includes a highlighter, Merengue and a Liquid Matte Lipstick called Baby (a rustic terra-cotta pink). You may be thinking “Those shades don’t really seem to complement each other” or “Those pan sizes seem kinda small” in which case, we would be saying “We’re thinking the same thing.” But that might be what makes this palette so cool – it’s not a one stop shop, but the shades themselves are such standalone bold tones that deserve their own palette! You don’t put ANY of these babies in the corner… And small pan sizes simply mean more suitable for travel – and with summer right around the corner, that’s just what we need! Obviously, this palette is supes adorable and fairly inexpensive at only $36! As a collectors item (which this totally is) this one may be worth checking out! Let us know what you think!

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