Sigma Beauty: Titanium Brush Set

Sigma Beauty Titanium Brush Set

One word comes to mind when first glancing at these brushes: SLEEK. Sigma has some of the best looking brushes around, but this release takes things to a whooooooole other level! The Titanium Brush Set launched TODAY on Sigmawebsite for $189- we didn’t even see it coming! Nothing like a killer new launch to make your Monday a little less Mondayish, am i right?! This incredible set features just about every brush you could possibly need: from foundation to eyes to brows, this collection has got you soooo covered. There are 12 brushes total: the E05 Eye Liner brush, E30 Pencil brush, E40 Tapered Blending brush, E55 Eye Shading brush, E60 Large Shader brush, E65 Small Angle brush, E70 Medium Angled Shading brush, F30 Large Powder brush, F40 Large Angled Contour brush, F50 Duo Fibre brush, F60 Foundation brush & F70 Concealer brush.

Like i said, EVERYTHING. And Sigma didn’t just make this set super all-inclusive & super sexy – it’s also pretty much the highest quality brush set they’ve launched yet! This is some primo stuff! Each & every brush is created with double-threaded engineering…. huh?? Basically, their innovative screwing system super securely attached the brush handle to the ferrule (unlike your average brush that’s simply glued together… we all know how reliable those are which is not at all). This means that these brushes are the strongest, most durable brushes money can buy! They’ve even backed them with a 5-year warranty – that’s how sure they are that these are solid. And don’t even let the price tag worry you – you’re paying about $15 per brush which is a STEAL for a brush set of this magnitude. And it’s Sigma – ’nuff said.


Sigma Beauty Titanium Brush Set 2

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