Urban Decay X Jean-Michael Basquiat Collection

Urban Decay x Jean-Michael Basquiat Collection


It’s been a HOT minute since we’ve seen a launch this HOT from UD – the hype is so real. Urban Decay has collaborated with Jean-Michael Basquiat to create an entire collection of NEW products – and then they took the whole party to the next level by wrapping it all up in some of the coolest packaging we’ve ever seen. This limited-edition collection launches online on Thursday, 4.20 and in stores on 4.27.

Brace yourself for the thrill that lay ahead – the collection contains the following: first, we’ve got to give you the down low on the TWO eyeshadow palettes – the Tenant and Gold Griot ($39). Urban Decay took so much inspiration from Jean-Michael’s extensive body of art work, they HAD to funnel that into one of their best products, their shadows! The Tenant palette features 8 BRAND NEW, exclusive super bright shades. The Gold Griot palette is all about our favorites: neutrals! And all of these are brand new, never before seen shades, too!

The palette train does not stop there! The collection will also include the Gallery Blush Palette ($34) & features two shades of blush, a bronzer, and a highlighter. The bronzer looks to be just a bit light so it may not be the most universal, but the blushes & that highlight! Who isn’t into those?!

Urban Decay x Jean-Michael Basquiat Gallery Blush Palette

Three NEW shades of Vice lipstick ($17) with LITERALLY the coolest packaging ever. Listen to this – each lipstick is wrapped in canvas printed with Basquiat’s art. Like what?! These are going to be incredible & totally necessary additions to ANY makeup collectors stash.

New shades are also on the way in UD’s 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencils ($20). One is an intense, neon greenish yellow, another is a deep copper and the third is a deep, sea blue. We just LOVE pops of lower lash liner colors in the spring & summer – these are a must! And, conveniently enough, you’ll also have the choice between three gorgeous makeup bags ($18-$35) to store your haul in!


Feast your eyes on the Gold Griot Eyeshadow Palette here. Don’t forget – these are brand NEW neutral shades (woooooot!) inspired by the work of this groundbreaking artist.



And here we have the Tenant palette, which also toutes 8 exclusive shades!



Big thanks to @BeautyBudgetCollection  for all those awesome swatches! We can’t get enough of them!




Urban Decay x Jean-Michael Basquiat Collection 6

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