Huda Beauty: 3D Highlighter Palette

Huda Beauty 3d Highlighter Palette

Yesssss, we know, another highlighter… but let’s be honest, we’re not sick of it yet! Huda Beauty is launching two NEW 3D Highlighter Palettes on Monday, 4.17! A little post-Easter treat, yeah?? The Pink Sands Edition will  include the shades Azories, Ibiza, Capri, and Santorini. The Golden Sands Edition with shades Fiji, Tahiti, Zanzibar, and Seychelles. Each palette has what appears to be only slight variations – they both include a pinky shade, a yellow hue & a golden champagne highlight. However, once they’re swatched, the difference are definitely a bit more noticeable! (Check below for those swatches, of course!)

These highlighter palettes have gotten tons of coverage from all the big media companies such as Allure and Glamour – the hype definitely seems to be building. These MUST be incredible! Considering that, I think either choice is a safe bet! Those swatches pretty much confirmed both palettes are totally stunning! Which is your fav?!


Huda Beauty 3d Highlighter Palette Swatches

2 thoughts on “Huda Beauty: 3D Highlighter Palette

  1. They all look amazing. So pigmented 😍

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