EM Cosmetics: Illustrative Eyeliners

EM Cosmetics Illustrative Eyeliners.JPG

We haven’t covered a new liquid liner release in… actually, we just haven’t! Ah! But this one has earned the coveted first mention – EM Cosmetics will release their Illustrative Eyeliners in BOTH BRUSH & FELT TIPS on Monday, 4.17! This is like seriouslyyyyyy so HUGE! I don’t recall any company launching the same product with two different application types in like, ever! Do you?! The brush tip gives you the most control, which is crucial for those wings are sharp as your French tips. The felt tip is ideal for creating super thick, bold lines in one stroke & is also more flexible on the skin. Though the tips may differ, however, the formula is just as BOMB in each! Super super black, waterproof & hella long wearing! I mean, does that not check off every box?! Plus, how beautiful and minimalist is this packaging?! We absolutely love it. The video embedded below from Ipsy gives a super cool look at how these pens perform – you’ve got to check it out! These babies will be retailing for $15 each. Which type of tip do you prefer?!


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