NARS: Charlotte Gainsbourg Summer Collection

NARS Charlotte Gainsbourg Summer Collection 2

It feels like NARS hasn’t launched a big collection in ages, am I right?! For that reason (and soon many others) we are sooooo stoked for this incredible collab with Charlotte Gainsbourg for the Summer Collection that launched TODAY! This is big, guys! Like, huge! Check out all of these products:

First we have these gorgeous Velvet Duo Eyeshadows in shades Rue Allent and Old Church Street ($35). These shades combos are beyond perfect! They’re both inspired by Charlotte’s story & signature style. Each duo contains a shimmery shade which will be PERFECT as your pop on the lid along with a soft matte, both formulated with pure pigments for the ultimate color payoff.


Now we just HAVE TO move on to lips! These are NARS’s three new Lip Tints in the shades Ephelide, Double Decker, and Promise ($26). As you can obviouslyyyyy tell by the name, these will give you just a hint of color for a more natural lip look that is super wearable! These are so perfect for summer when you need a low maintenance lip product that can be applied super quickly and provide that perfect wash of color. Plus these shade … amazing! LOVE!

NARS Charlotte Gainsbourg Summer Collection Lip Tint


Ahhhh yes, more lippies! Peep these Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in new shades Blindfold and London Clinic ($26). The formula of these is absolutely incredible! I have a super stunning red from this line and it is AMAZING! These combine the application of a lipstick & a lip pencil into one super easy to use product! The finish is very comfortable – nothing like those extra drying matte lipsticks you’ve tried before, no no. These are creamy & crazy pigmented! And that pink is so so spring, omg,


We can’t forget the infamous NARS Multiples! These Tints are in the shades  Jeanette, Alice, and Jo (so adorable). If you’re not familiar with these, they are the lazy girls dream cheat code – they’re super versatile due to their multifunction capabilities! These are perfect for the lips OR the cheeks! Plus, these are slightly dewy which will totally provide that natural looking hint of color we are all going for, especially in the warmer months! And of course, it gets better – they’re infused with Vitamin E & bamboo. Your skin is going to LOVE that!

NARS Charlotte Gainsbourg Summer Collection Multiple Tint


And lastly, you know there has just GOT to be some beauty tools in this here collection. But this might be a tough one for your wallet to swallow – the Au Poil Brush Roll ($175). This super incredibly pricey brush collection includes an eye blending brush, an eyeshadow brush, a concealer brush, a fane powder brush & a face highlighter brush plus, of course, the roll itself for storage! These are obviously all types of luxurious (which they BETTER be at $35 each). The hands have incredible gold detailing ad the brush hairs are the soooooo soft – perfect for powdering, shading & defining!

NARS Charlotte Gainsbourg Summer Collection Au Poil Brush Roll


As you may have guessed, ALL of these products are LIMITED EDITION so you have got to go go gooooooo! Click the links above to be directed directly to the NARS site where you can peruse the products even more & maybe even TREAT YO SELF?! Let us know if you do!

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