Pat McGrath: Dark Star 006 Eye Kit in Ultrasuede Brown & UltraViolet Blue

Pat McGrath Dark Star 006 Eye Kit 2

Pat McGrath sure posts some suuuuuper mysterious & interesting things on her instagram – and apparently she is one of the most important makeup artists in the fashion industry! All that creativity & cosmetic genius seems to get channeled into bringing us some super exciting NEW products! Tomorrow, Tuesday, 4.11, Pat is releasing her new Dark Star 006 Eye Kit in two totally different yet equally as exciting shade combinations – Ultrasuede Brown UltraViolet Blue. Both kits are intended to give you that sought-after unique smokey eye look, perfect for a night out! Pat states on her instagram that

“it takes smokey eyes to new heights with SCI-FI sexuality and OTHERWORLDLY ALLURE”.

Woah. I mean, we like the sound of that! Who’s NOT in the market for some otherworldly allure?!

Check out the Ultrasuede Brown swatches:

Pat McGrath Dark Star 006 Eye Kit Swatches

Can you even handle those super shimmery shades?! I cannot.

And here are the UltraViolet Blue swatches:

Pat McGrath Dark Star 006 ultraviolet blue Eye Kit Swatches

That royal blue tho. What the heck?! I’ve never seen anything like it! Omgggggg.

As you can probably tell, there are definitely slight similarities between the kits – but the anchor shades are what really differentiate the two. And guess what?! These kits will also launch on Sephora on 4.21, so if you want to wait for some of the reviews to come out before giving it a try, that could be your perfect chance!

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