Zoeva Cosmetics: Sweet Glamour Eyeshadow Palette

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Zoeva Cosmetics is bringing us the springtime palette of all springtime palettes – does this not just instantly make you think Easter?! Their Sweet Glamour Eyeshadow Palette will launch TOMORROW, 4.10! It’s certainly their softest palette yet (the Taupe palette coming in at close second), as most of Zoeva’s eyeshadow color schemes lean much more dark & smokey. This beauty features ALL creamy pastel shades in shimmer & matte finishes! Sooooo adorable!

Though the shades (and color names) are super cute in this palette, it’s not news that this is certainly not the most wearable of all color combinations. MOST of the shades in the palette would totally work for everyday looks – we love warm orangey hues in the crease & DIE for a creamy highlight shade – but most of us aren’t going in with lavenders and baby blues on the daily. However, if you’re one of those makeup lovers that has found themselves with almost ALL natural palettes in your collection, you might want to pick this up! Mix things up and add a palette with sooooooo many pops of color to your fam! Along the same lines, though, if you do find yourself reaching for the palette often, it’s likely you’ll need to work in another palette too in order to deepen things up & add dimension to your look. I think it would have been AWESOME if there was just ONE slightly deeper, chocolately shade in here for the convenience of adding a bit more contrast. But, like I said, we ALL have so many neutral palettes that grabbing one to complete a look is totally NBD!

@NicoleReneeCutler (one of my FAV YouTubers) simply RAVES about Zoeva & often complains about how underrated their products are – most likely because they’re much more popular in Europe (where they’re made) than they are here in the US. If I trust anyone’s opinion, it’s hers! Plus, this will likely retail for only $26.50 (as most of their other palettes of this size do) which is a STEAL for a product of this quality! With that said, we totally know you’ll LOVE these shadows & the formula if you decide to give this beauty a try!


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