Lorac Cosmetics: Pirates of the Caribbean Collection

Lorac Cosmetics Pirates of the Caribbean Collection 6.JPG

This Tuesday, 4.11, Lorac Cosmetics is opening a pre-sale of their Pirates of the Caribbean Collection – TBT, am I right?! We are absolutely in love with this packaging! You’re going to be blown away by how creative this collection is! The release is part of a promotion for the upcoming Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales movie with the gorgeous, talented, handsome Johnny Depp. Let’s go over what this collection includes, shall we?

First, there is the Cursed Eyeshadow Palette ($52) which has 18 (some quite hilarious) pirate themed shades such as Arrgh!. Mattey, Black Pearl, and Yo Ho! These shades are a combination of shimmer and matte – some even look metallic based on the swatches we’ve seen! The color scheme is totally what we would expect – mostly deeper, mostly neutral shades. But we are super excited for that bright red & mid-toned green we see mixed there – LOVE that! However, did you notice that price tag?! How could you not. No doubt you are paying for this adorable packaging to some degree. But let’s be real, this is primarily a collector’s item so it may totally be worth the cash for some of us!


Second, there is the blush/highlighter Cheek Palette ($30) that comes with 6 beautiful shades in Fortune, Lost Soul, Destined, Caribbean, Star Reader, and Old Spirit. The cool thing is that this ‘diary’ fits secretly into the middle of the eyeshadow palette, which makes for a pretty neat portable set! Creative, yeah?! We think so! We are DIGGIN the tones in this palette – they’ll suit sooooo many skin tones!


Finally, there will be 6 BRAND NEW shades of their MOD Lip Creams ($26). The shades are Ahoy Matey! Risk it All, Trident, Me Hearties, and Barboss-y (the 6th shade name hasn’t been released yet). One of our favorites is definitely the amazing blue Ahoy Matey! Totally such an awesome shade but so rare we get to wear them! The others are definitely wayyyyy nice wearable – we love the soft peaches & pinks! We’re actually surprised there aren’t more crazy scallywag shades here. How many Pirates of the Caribbean fans are dying for something from this collection!? Let us know!


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