Beauty Creations: Boudoir Collection

Beauty Creations Boudoir Duo Eyeshadow Palettes 3

We’ve got a sexy little launch for you this time, ladies – Beauty Creations is dropping a NEW eyeshadow duo as part of their Boudoir Collection tomorrow, 4.7! How adorable is that packaging though?! Why hasn’t anyone else done a lace palette yet?? We’re just as stoked for the shadows as we are for the design – these are so perfectly paired! The cream colored palette features your typical smokey shades; perfect for sultry, natural eye looks! The pink palette comes at you with a bit more spice; check out the warm orangey shades & that deep burgundy! Eeep!

We’re also LOVING the combination of finishes – there’s the perfect balance of matte & shimmer shades. That’s the key to a great palette, right?! A nice mix of different finishes allows you to use just this ONE palette for your WHOLE look! How convenient! But listen up – they’re totally expected to sell out due to the massive number of pre-orders they already have, ahhhh! If you want them, you HAVE to hurry to grab these ASAP tomorrow!

Beauty Creations Angel Glow Scandalous Glow Eyeshadow Palettes

Did you think we were done? No nooooooo girl. The Boudoir Collection also includes two highlight palettes in Angel Glow Scandalous Glow. These have been formulated to be suuuuuuuuper creamy & pigmented to give you that lit lit lit look that we all LOVE! This packaging also features that sexy lace look we are feeling right now. Both palette features a golden hue and then variations of champagnes & cream shades – these look all kinds of wearable! The only shade I’m curious about is the bottom right shade – it looks to have hints of a darker shade scattered throughout? Either way, these both look like wins! And don’t forget – when it comes to highlighter palettes, not everyyyyyyy single shade will be the perfect cheek bone highlight for your skin tone but that’s totally okay… why? Because they can always be used as eyeshadows, instead! Pro tip, you’re welcome!


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