Violet Voss: Matte About You Eyeshadow Palette

Violet Voss: Matte About You Eyeshadow Palette

Following their last hugely hyped & immensely popular eyeshadow palette Ride or Die, Violet Voss is releasing another (smaller) eyeshadow palette, Matte About You on Thursday, 4.06! This palette will contain only 20 shades compared to the 42 shadows in the Ride or Die palette – but this will also be much more reasonably priced! We expect it to launch for $45 (far from the $75 we all had to fork over for the Ride or Die … that was rough!) Before I get further into my personal take on this new launch, peep these swatches real quick:

Violet Voss: Matte About You Eyeshadow Palette

The swatches certainly appear to perform as we expect from Violet Voss – creamy as butter & pigmented, right?? My concern with this palette is the pure lack of contrast & variety. It’s truly a neutral palette – which is totally okay! But it’s absolutely nothing we haven’t seen before. Each shade is such a slight variation from the shade before. It’s a series of cool brown after chocolate brown after warm orangey brown. I do see the subtle hints of mauve over there to the left, but this palette still leaves me looking for more, ya know? Plus, lets be real – how many ALL MATTE palettes do we each have right now?! I can count at least 4 in my collection right now. Do we truly need another totally brown, totally neutral, totally matte palette? I’m not so sure. I can see this being an incredible investment if you are new to the makeup scene & want to delve into the natural shades with some super high quality shadows! If that’s you, go girl! Pick this up! But otherwise, I’m not sure it’s a must have for the rest of us. But let me know what you think! I’d love to know!


Violet Voss Matte About You.PNG

5 thoughts on “Violet Voss: Matte About You Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Love eye-shadows to bites can’t wait to get my hands on this on thanks for the post

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  2. Suuuch a gorgeous palette. Obsessed with every single colour! Loved reading this x
    my latest post ♡

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  3. Fantastic post!! These shades are gorgeous, but I think you are right there seem to be far too many of these “Natural” palettes out there. I like the naturals, but I also like my pretty bright colors too!!

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    • Awe, thank you!! I’m so with you, we gotta have some bright pops of color in our life too! Haha there are so many palettes that look just like this one, so it’s a pass for me. Thanks so much for commenting ☺️

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  4. I have yet to invest in a matte palette as I’m majorly strapped for cash. Of all the ones out there, which is the best quality for the cost (I’d rather spend a bit more for a great product than cheap out and have fallout and fading by noon)?

    I’m fair with very pink cheeks, lightish blue eyes, and dark blonde hair. I typically go for browns, taupes, and mauves, though I’d love to try some orange (but not too bright; my darn ruddy cheeks ruin orange on me).


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