NARS: Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer

NARS Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer 2

If you haven’t tried it, we know you’ve heard of it: Nars Laguna bronzer. CULT CLASSIC & with good reason! It’s gorgeous. With that being said, we totally trust Nars & their bronzer formula so we are SOOOOO stoked for what went down today – NARS dropped a new bronzer line: their Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer in four beautiful shades! You may recognize some of the shade names – Casino, Laguna, Seaside, and Malaises. First impression just by glancing at them – these shades are going to be so perfect for SO MANY skin tones! The range looks super versatile. AND THEY’RE MATTE so yay!! @MakeupbyTiffanyD got a chance to try these out before they were released (peep the video embedded below) and she loves Laguna (duh) & loves that the formula is super creamy – it doesn’t appear powdery at all and applies so smoothly & flawlessly to the skin! I mean just look at that contour there – we cannnnnooottttttt.

Considering that, it makes sense that Tiffany D finds these so unique! But does that justify the $40 price tag?! We already thought $30 for the regular Laguna bronzer was pushing it, am i right?! We may need to see these in action a little more before we commit.


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