You may be a little thrown off by the title of this post – it’s not a product launch! Weird! But that’s the idea. This is going to be more like a product launch ROUNDUP! Here, we’ll summarize what our FAV launches were from last month. If you all enjoy these summary-type posts, we can totally keep doing them! Just let us know.

OFRA Nikkie Tutorials Collab

First, we MUST talk about the Nikkie Tutorials X OFRA launch. This dropped right at the end of the month but may have been one of the most anticipated! Most of you have probably seen your favorite YouTubers talk about it at some point over the past few weeks, right?! It hit the internet by storm, as anything by Nikkie does. And most of the reviews were raves, of course! Did you guys pick up the collection?! Let us know! If not, check out some of the reviews below if you need help making up your mind.

Marc Jacobs Coconut Glow Collection

Next, we HAVE to talk about the Marc Jacob’s Coconut Glow Collection. Mostly, we just love the idea of a whole collection that smells like coconuts. What is more perfect for putting us in the spring/summer mood?! (As if we aren’t in that mood already…) The packaging is so sleek (as we’ve come to expect from Marc) and the products look incredible! We haven’t heard a whole lot of feedback, but we have heard is fantastic! Specifically, everyone is loving the Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter. I mean, are we even surprised the highlighter is the most sought after item?? Not all at. Let us know if you got our hands on any of the items in the collection!


Lastly, and possibly the most exciting, was the release of the first phase of Colourpop’s Monochromatic series, the Nectar CollectionTo be totally honest, we were a little hesitant when we first saw the initial photos pop up online – all the shades looked just the same! But once we saw them watched & applied, we totally changed our minds (as women do, obv). We LOVE it! Honestly, we have been prettyyyyyyyyy stoked on all of the monochromatic collections so far! But the warm tones all over the Nectar launch had us feeling some type of way. Plus, they’re just SO SPRINGY! Thegirlshaexo did an awesome live swatch video (she is the queen of live swatches) of this collection, you’ve got to see it!

That will wrap up this post for now! Of course, we totally loved other launches this month (we’re looking at you, LA Splash) but we wanted to narrow it down to give you guys some things to think about if you were contemplating treating yo self! You totally won’t regret giving these a go!


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