LA Splash: UD Cream Foundation

LA Splash UD Cream Foundation 2


Marble & beautifully packaged foundation – our two favorite things all in one picture! And of course, on of our fav brands – LA Splash! They’re releasing a new continuation of their Ultra Defined collection, this time with their UD Cream Foundation this Wednesday, 4.05! The collection will contain a whopping 12 shades and we’ve found swatches for the majority of them! Plus, they live swatched them on their Instagram story tonight, too!



One of the things we love MOST about LA Splash is their shade range. They ALWAYS feature shades to cover even the deepest of skin tones – something many brands can’t say. This foundation ranges from relatively light (they could certainly improve their selection of pale shades) all the way to “Cocoa”! Heck yeah! From the looks of it, the formula looks just as incredible as the color range – we can tell it’s certainly a thicker consistency & you know what that typically means: COVERAGE!!



And of course, we HAVE TO talk about this packaging… have you seen anything like it for a foundation?! We sure haven’t! It is so sleek & unique. LA Splash coming up in here & changing the game up on us – we LOVE that! We cannot wait to try these out!


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LA Splash UD Cream Foundation

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