Marc Jacobs: Coconut Glow Collection

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Is there anyone that doesn’t LOVE the smell of coconut?! I’m pretty sure not. And certainly not Marc Jacobs – he LOVES coconut and obviously he loves super hydrated skin. Now, he’s bought them together in his new Coconut Glow Collection on Friday, 3.31 & in stores on 4.15!! With all the craze about delicious coconut water, it was only a matter of time before it would find its way into makeup, right?! These look so sleek! We’ll walk through the collection from left-to-right in the above picture. You know we got you!

First, there’s the Coconut Perfecting Primer which is made using elements from younger coconuts to help hydrate your skin & keep your skin looking super young, too. That will go soooooo perfectly paired with the next item – the Coconut Finishing Spray! I’m not sure about you, but setting sprays are one super staple requirement in my makeup routine every single day, no matter what the look! This will totally help rejuvenate your makeup if its starting to look a bit tired but will also be the best finishing touch to your face to eliminate any potentially powdery or cakey look! Yessssssssss!

Marc Jacobs Coconut Mist Setting Spray

Next up is the Omega Bronze Coconut Perfecting Tan Bronzer – this looks like the most perfect summer bronze shade! It’s pretty neutral leaning and looks as though it would work for so many skin tones! Plus, you can great their mega Bronzer brush to apply it with – Marc Jacob’s brushes are obviously incredibly expensive, however we have heard nothing but rave reviews about their quality & softness. And lastly, we have the Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter. This sounds awesome but we aren’t the biggest fans of liquid highlighters. However, they can be awesome to mix in with your foundation to add some luminosity & dew!

Marc Jacobs Coconut Glow Collection 3

As you can totally guess, the whole collection smells like coconut (yummy!) and looks so beaaaautiful! Marc Jacob’s does a lot of things right & their packaging is certainly one of them. Which product in the line sounds the best to you?!


Marc Jacobs Coconut Glow Collection 2

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