Sugarpill: Pretty Poison Black Edition

Sugarpill Pretty Poison Black Edition 2.PNG

OMG! How cool is this?! Sugarpill is releasing NEW shades as part of their Pretty Poison Lipstick line – but this is the Black Edition launching TOMORROW, 3.20 @ noon EST!! The original shades of the pretty poison lipsticks are super bright, colorful & so so pretty… but these are coming at us from the other end of the spectrum! The new shades are super dark & intense – yes!! The four new shades from left-to-right in the picture above are Anti-Socialite, Shiver, Darksided, Zero. You have to check out the swatches and pictures below – we fell in love with Darksided. It’s such a gorgeous deep purple color & vampy hues like this are our jam, duh. Reviews of the previous Sugarpill Pretty Poisons have been great, so we’re pretty confident these new ones are sure to be a hit too! It’s a Monday (ugh, we know) so if you’re afraid you might miss the launch – NEVER FEAR! Join our email list and we will remind you tomorrow!

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