Tarte: Make Believe In Yourself Collection


There are few things that can suck us in more than super cute, colorful packaging! Obviously, someone told Tarte – just LOOK at those NEW products! These are all part of their Make Believe In Yourself Collection that launches today, 3.18! This is a SUPER extensive, fairy-tale/unicorn themed collection (adorable) so let’s dive right in:


FIRST, we HAVE to talk about this new Make Believe In Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette ($40) – such an interesting combination of shades! Clearly, Tarte isn’t going for your everyday eye palette here. No, no. This is sooooo much more unique than that! This palette deatures beautiful shades of blue, some greens, a gorgeous purple & some variations of creams, peaches and browns. They are all so STUNNING! Those swatches say it all. But keep in mind, ALL of the shades here are shimmery so you’ll definitely need to incorporate other shadows/palette when using this to complete your eye look.


Many of you have have already tried Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara ($23) before, however they’ve repackaged it JUST for this new collection! Check out that holographic tube! Though revamped packaging might not be sending you over the moon, we know what will – this Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter ($30). Multi-colored highlighters are everything right now! We love the combination here – it fades from an iridescent lavender to a champagne pink, sparkling bronze and super shimmery cream. The best part of the layout of this product is that you can totally just use one or two of the shades if you prefer! Or, of course, you can swirl them all together for a super intense glow! LOVE!

Magic Wand Brushes get-it-now

We may have saved the best for last … I’m not sure I even need to say much about these brushes at all. They literally speak for themselves. The Magic Wand Brushes ($39) are made of unicorn horns, duh! And the brush hair colors could NOT be more perfect! That teal color is just me me meeeee! It looks to include a super small concealer brush, a slim contour brush, a rounded blush/foundation brush, a fluffy powder brush & and crease brush! These are so stunning, you might not even want to actually use them!

There are even MORE products in this collection than those we’ve mentioned so far: we’ve also got a a few shades of Quick Dry Matte Lip Paints ($20), a Glitter Eye Liner ($24) and Spellbound Sprinkle Face & Body Glitter ($15). Everything is just about as adorable & girly as they can be and we are just eating it UP! But don’t forget – MOST of these are LIMITED EDITION so you’ve totally gotta grab them like, NOW!

11 thoughts on “Tarte: Make Believe In Yourself Collection

  1. This whole collection looks adorable! I love the packaging and the eyeshadow shades! Yay Tarte!

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  2. Have you tried this yet?


  3. This collection is so pretty! I really want the brushes and the palette, though the rest looks great too.

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  4. This is so pretty! I purchased the brushes and I’m waiting for them to come in!

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  5. OMG!!! Yasssss! I just ordered the Make Believe in Yourself Brush Set! I can’t wait for it to come in the mail and test it out 🙂

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  6. ! I’ll keep an eye out for that 🙂

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