E.l.f.: Massaging Eye Wand

E.l.f.: Massaging Eye WandJUST IN: E.l.f dropped a brand new beauty tool today without warning! Check out this revolutionary Massaging Eye Wand!! It’s a super slim, handheld device that is perfect for smoothing & moisturizing the sensitive skin around your eyes! It totally enhances the benefits of any eye creams or products you use in that area – it does this by gently vibrating and slightly heating up which helps your skin drink up the product even better! How perfect does that sound?! This will totally help your makeup apply more smoothly & flawlessly! It retails for $25 which may seem high for a product from e.l.f., but similar products from Kat Burki & Clarisonic that range from $65 – $195. We all know & love e.l.f. for constantly releasing affordable versions of higher end versions! We’ve gotta shout them out for rolling out with this newest one, too!

You can grab it now! Plus, grab your FREE 4 Piece Spring Bundle gift along with it – just use code PINK @ checkout!


E.l.f.: Massaging Eye Wand

3 thoughts on “E.l.f.: Massaging Eye Wand

  1. I just got the email from them – it looks cool!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. womenandbeautyblogger

    Wow! Such a great product 😍 Btw please check out my blog I have started blogging recently 🙃


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