Kylie Cosmetics: Velvet Lip Kits

Kylie Cosmetics: Velvet Lip Kits
True or true: we’re always in the market for new lip kits! Especially when they’re a NEW FORMULA! Kylie Cosmetics will drop their new Velvet Lip Kits on Thursday, March 16 @ 3 pm PST/ 6 pm EST! This new formula is apparently to die for… or so they say. The swatches do look pretty amazing – check them out! The shades in the collection will include Rosie, Harmony, Charm & Dazzle. Pretty sure Charm is looking like the perfect nude, just sayin.

We’ve heard they’re super creamy & smooth with crazy pigmentation – we LOVE all of that! But what we love most of all is this – they’re NON-DRYING! We all know (and despise) that super tight, uncomfortable feeling most liquid lipsticks give us. You know the one – you’re contemplating surgically removing your lips after 30 minutes or less, as I right?!

If they’re anything like the satin formula from Colourpop (you know they’re made in the same factory as Kylie, right?) than we will seriously LOVE them! Kylie’s lippies are known for being especially drying so we can’t wait to see how this formula compares.


5 thoughts on “Kylie Cosmetics: Velvet Lip Kits

  1. I’m soooo excited – I feel like all of the shades are different tones of my natural lip color, so they will look good on me! I can’t wait!!!

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  2. Thank you for following! This new formula sounds so good!

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  3. I wish there was a more nude-y brownish shade. There are all very pinky – still lovely shades – just not for me.


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