Sigma: Bunny Eye Brushes 

Sigma: Bunny Eye Brushes
This blue though… we can’t get enough! These gorgeous Bunny Brushes from Sigma will launch on Monday, 3.13! And they’re LIMITED EDITION! So you’ll have to snag them right away! These are made with synthetic Sigmax fibers so they’ll be perfect for blending out your shadows & super easy to clean! However, we can’t help but think – don’t these look frighteningly similar to the Mrs. Bunny Brushes from two years ago?! Check out the photo below.

Aren’t they nearly identical?? It seems as though Sigma is just relaunching these and removing the “Mrs.”?  We’re going to assume the new collection is certainly updated & better quality – it has been two years after all. Either way, we’re stoked! The color is just incredible and Sigma brushes are some of the best out there. Have you tried any?! Let us know!


6 thoughts on “Sigma: Bunny Eye Brushes 

  1. They look so good! Would love to try them out. Xx

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  2. The colour is gorgeous I do agree they are almost identical but so pretty

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  3. I love the color of the handles!


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